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Version 1.0.14 is out!

Great news, the theme has been officially approved in the WordPress directory, which makes me really proud! 😉
Updates are probably going to come quite often in this period, as I’ll be fixing reported bugs and implementing/polishing features… Please remember to report any bug you might find and do not hesitate to ask questions and features.
If I can, I’ll be pleased to help you!

  • How do I make sidebar navigation to the left. Links are centered and I want them to the left. Also how do I get rid of HOME at top of page, will want to get rid of this on all pages. I am practicing on live site and would like to use handcraft but no admin for anything.

  • Hi Jean,

    I’ve checked the link you provided and it seems you already figured out the CSS Menu Sidebar alignment selectors, part of the selectors you can find here :).
    For the page formatting, I’d recommend to use one of the theme’s templates: either ‘Handcraft Expo Page Template’ or ‘Handcraft Expo Transparent Page Template’ will work but you can try others as well.
    Hope it helps and thank you for using Handcraft Expo! 😉

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