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Archives of _Y_Power

Version 1.0.15 is live!

Here’s the first official update, fixing some minor issues. The changes: fixed previewer 2nd field text theme option call; fixed custom social icons options by adding variables in the if statement; fixed sidebar toggle jQuery script on browser zoom by adding if statement and ‘parseInt’ variable on width value to account for differences; fixed blogcontinue…

Version 1.0.14 is out!

Great news, the theme has been officially approved in the WordPress directory, which makes me really proud! 😉 Updates are probably going to come quite often in this period, as I’ll be fixing reported bugs and implementing/polishing features… Please remember to report any bug you might find and do not hesitate to ask questions andcontinue…


Welcome to Handcraft Expo’s home! I hope you will love your new WordPress theme as much as I loved writing it. Handcraft Expo, like WordPress, is free software: you are then free to modify anything you want and on this website you will find many info and resources about it. A forum will soon becontinue…

Coming soon…

Things are taking shape and I’m working on the Handcraft Expo manual and FAQ section… stay tuned.